Greetings! I'm Dylan Hunt. I craft online game experiences for socially-engaging PC games.

As a seasoned online multiplayer backend developer, I excel in the realm of SDK<>Integration for both PC games and game services. My expertise lies in creating engaging and social gaming experiences, complete with matchmaking, lobby systems, OAuth2 identity logins, and persistent data features such as stats and profile management.

Additionally, I have a strong background in developing robust moderation systems, automations, live DevOps tools, automated events, and cloud scripts, all while ensuring scalable architecture to support your game's growth. Bonus points if you are creating a strategy game - my favorite!
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Unlock your game's potential and save big.

With over a decade of general development experience and a specialized focus on online multiplayer games since 2016, I bring a unique blend of skills and know-how to your project. This rare combination of experience allows me to streamline processes and create efficient solutions that not only save you time but also cut down on development costs.

My niche expertise in crafting seamless online experiences sets me apart from the crowd, ensuring that you're making a wise investment when you choose to collaborate with me.

Discover my unique skillset

From Unity to Unreal - and from GameSparks to BrainCloud, I specialize in connecting games to the cloud.


Online MP Features: Identity, platform linking (eg: Steam), social features (friends, rich presence), Discord integration, invites, authoritative scripts, lobby, chat, matchmaking - More.

Online MP Services: AccelByte, BrainCloud, GameSparks, PlayFab, AXR, EOS, Steam, Discord, UNET and Photon since 2016; professional client/server development since 2007.


Original founder and lead developer of "Throne of Lies: Medieval Politics" online PvP game on Steam, redefining the social deduction genre. Featured on PC Gamer and organically grossed ~$500k USD. Semi-finalist Game of the Year 2018 for both IndiePrize and IndieDb. Successfully funded on Kickstarter. Founder of the official GBaaS Discord since 2016.


Unity/C#, Unreal/C++, JS/TS, BAT/PS1, Discord [bots], Node, Discord.js, Git/Fork, JetBrains Rider/Webstorm, Ubuntu Server, WSL2, Discourse, Fiddler, Nginx, Mongo/NoSQL/Atlas, Fork,
NUnit, Steam, POSTman
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Soft Skills

Soft Skills

Automation-1st, AI-assisted, persistent documentation, agile, test-driven, team lead + collaborator, intermediate 中文, entrepreneurial skills (paralegal, business development, corporate entities, HR), mentor/trainer, partnership sourcing
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