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Developed a comprehensive Dungeon Master's Toolbox (DMT) app for tabletop GMs, including dice rollers, character sheet creators and inventory management.
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In 2012, after my college's Android class was canceled, I took it upon myself to learn Android development from home. As a passion project, I created an all-in-one Android app called the Dungeon Master's Toolbox (DMT) for tabletop game masters. The app aimed to simplify and streamline various aspects of managing tabletop games by offering a wide range of tools that enabled users to enjoy a more organized and efficient gaming experience.

The DMT app included features such as dice rollers, character sheet creators, random generators, skill point allocations, art tools, inventory management, and per-character perpetual save data. The app received purely organic traffic and formerly generated a steady revenue of $100 per month and 500+ downloads, showcasing its appeal and usefulness to the tabletop gaming community.


As the sole developer of the Dungeon Master's Toolbox app, I was responsible for every aspect of its development. This included researching and learning Android development, conceptualizing and designing the app's features, coding the app, testing, and refining it based on user feedback.

  • MIT App Inventor
  • Android SDK


The main challenge I faced while developing the Dungeon Master's Toolbox app was the steep learning curve associated with self-learning Android development from scratch. Additionally, I had to manage my time effectively between college classes and work on the app to ensure its successful completion.


To overcome the challenges in learning Android development, I leveraged MIT's App Inventor, an intuitive and beginner-friendly platform for creating Android apps. Through persistence, dedication, and effective time management, I was able to learn the necessary skills and create a robust app that catered to the needs of tabletop game masters.