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Gamers Edge Cyber Cafe

Gamers Edge was South Carolina's first cyber cafe, providing high-end gaming experiences and social interaction. The successful business model was franchised and eventually sold to Voltage Games in 2009.
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Gamers Edge (pictures at the bottom) was established as the first cyber cafe in South Carolina, offering 25 high-end PC stations and 4 console stations, all networked to a server. The cafe provided a unique and engaging social environment for gamers by offering access to state-of-the-art gaming systems and fast, wired internet, which were difficult to come by at the time. To facilitate the seamless operation of the LAN center, a combination of Smartlaunch cafe software and custom software were employed, including a console game check-in/out tracker utility. Upon launch, Gamers Edge was covered on the front page of multiple newsletters.

The venture quickly gained traction and became popular among gaming enthusiasts. In 2008, the business was franchised to a third-party in Washington state, and eventually, the store, franchise rights, and intellectual property were sold to Voltage Games in 2009. The success of Gamers Edge was evident as it was featured on the front page of the "Lake Wylie and Tega Cay Lakeside" Newspaper and a significant portion of the "Fort Mill Times".

Following the sale of the cafe, I decided to pursue further education in Hawaii as a reward for hard work and achievements. The story of Gamers Edge showcases the power of innovative solutions, strong business acumen, and the ability to tap into a niche market to create a thriving enterprise.

Created my first commercial software (2007:

Gamelog was A simple CLI app created to check in/out console games that were borrowed by guests, such as Xbox CDs. This created a simple, chronological log of events with timestamps, guest and staff information.


  • Nvidia (Gfx)
  • Valve (Steam, CS)
  • Bawls Guarana (Energy Drink)
  • CCP Games (EVE Online)
  • iGames

As the owner, operator, and full-stack developer, I was responsible for client, server, and admin hardware/software, legal matters, business development, and various entrepreneurial roles.

  • High-end PC stations
  • Console stations
  • Smartlaunch cafe software
  • Custom software (including a console game check-in/out tracker utility)
  • Advanced client:server:admin networking


Before the establishment of Gamers Edge, gamers faced several challenges, such as the high cost of next-gen consoles and high-end PCs, limited access to fast, wired internet, and a lack of social interaction while gaming. These issues limited the gaming experience and prevented gamers from fully enjoying their hobby.


Gamers Edge addressed these problems by offering an affordable and social gaming environment, featuring high-end gaming systems and fast internet connections. The LAN center was designed to encourage social engagement by arranging computers in long bar-top rows, allowing players to sit side-by-side. This innovative approach to gaming resulted in a packed cafe on a daily basis, demonstrating the value and success of the solution.