Case study

imgCompare is a user-friendly image comparison and sharing platform, tailored for game developers and artists to easily compare and share before-and-after visuals.
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Overview is an innovative platform designed to fill a gap in the market for a simple, shareable image comparison website. It allows users to upload two images and displays them side-by-side, while also providing a third, larger image with a slider for an interactive and engaging comparison experience. The website is perfect for game developers and artists who need to compare different versions of their work, whether it's for internal evaluation or showcasing progress to their audience. Users can quickly share their comparisons with friends and colleagues via a unique link, making collaboration and feedback seamless.


As the sole developer of, I was responsible for every aspect of this passion project, from identifying the market gap and conceptualizing the platform to designing, developing, and deploying the website. My love for creative and technical challenges fueled my motivation to bring this useful tool to life, providing a valuable service to game developers and artists.

  • Imgur commercial API (RapidAPI)
  • Standalone imgCompare API
  • ImgCompare client website
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • jQuery
  • YOURLS (self-hosted)
  • DigitalOcean
  • Ubuntu server
  • HTML
  • SCSS


The problem began when I was searching for a simple image comparison website to share before-and-after screenshots for game development or artistic projects. Despite deep Google diving, I was unable to find a platform that met my needs, specifically one that allowed users to easily compare and share their image comparisons with others.


Recognizing this unfulfilled need, I created, a platform that enables users to upload two images, compare them side-by-side or with an interactive slider, and then effortlessly share the comparison with friends and colleagues via a unique link. By designing to be user-friendly and focused on the needs of game developers and artists, I successfully bridged the gap in the market and provided a valuable tool for the creative community.