Case study

Sr Gamedev GPT

Custom generative AI GPT: Level up your AI to "Senior Game Developer", strictly adhering to best practices and code standards embraced by industry professionals.
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Senior Game Developer is a customized version of OpenAI's ChatGPT (a "GPT"), specifically tailored to provide accurate and relevant responses for game development-related prompts for modern and expected dev standards that normal prompts lack. It leverages advanced natural language processing to understand and answer complex questions in the field of game development, from technical challenges to industry insights.


As the developer of this customized ChatGPT, my role involved configuring and training the AI model to understand and accurately respond to queries specific to game development and code. This included integrating domain-specific knowledge and fine-tuning the model's responses for clarity and relevance.

  • AI Model: OpenAI's GPT-4
  • Libraries: OpenAI API


The challenge was to create an AI assistant that could understand and respond accurately to the specific needs and questions of game developers, which often include technical, design, and industry-specific inquiries -- and, especially, proper code standards.


The solution was to create 'Senior Game Developer', a customized ChatGPT model. By training the model with targeted data and refining its response mechanisms, it became a valuable tool for game developers seeking quick, relevant, and accurate answers to their game development questions while the result quality would be that of a senior-level deveveloper.