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A Discord bot that gives away actual Steam game keys with anti-bot measures with an effortless claim process.
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Dragonclaim is a Discord bot that is designed to give away Steam game keys to players in a simple and automated way. Unlike other bots, Dragonclaim ensures the claiming players are not bots by verifying their humanity and checking the status of their linked accounts. The giveaway process is easy to set up by Discord mods using simple commands, and players can claim the keys with just a few clicks without any keyboard interaction or email requirement.

Aug 2023 Update: Now with a robust web portal!


As the sole developer, my role in Dragonclaim was to design, develop, and deploy the bot from scratch. I was responsible for creating the bot's architecture, implementing the features, and ensuring the bot's overall performance and security.

  • IDE: JetBrains Webstorm
  • Language: js, ts
  • Discord API: discord.js
  • Database: Mongodb & Atlas
  • Auth: Discord OAuth2
  • Other: Steam API


Discord server admins often struggle to organize and execute successful giveaways due to the cumbersome process of selecting and distributing winners manually. Moreover, bots claiming prizes without any consideration of their human counterparts have become a persistent issue in online giveaways.


Dragonclaim solves these problems by offering a fully automated and anti-bot giveaway process that's simple to set up and easy for players to claim their prizes. As a result, Discord server admins can now focus on creating engaging content and building strong communities, while Dragonclaim takes care of the giveaways. Dragonclaim's unique ability to distribute actual Steam game keys, coupled with its anti-bot measures and effortless claim process, provides a hassle-free and engaging experience for both Discord server admins and their communities.