Crafting online multiplayer backends

Sr full-stack (client-server) multiplayer gamedev specialist, crafting socially-engaging PC games/sdks. USA+UK citizen.
Game Crafting
Consulting & integrating online services: Lobby, matchmaking, item stores, microtx, friends, auth, identity, cloud scripts
Service Expanding
Creating client SDKs and expanded feature sets to GBaaS / game servers for Unity, Unreal and Godot
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Dylan Hunt, Imperium42
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From Unity to Unreal - and from GameSparks to BrainCloud, I specialize in connecting games to the cloud.


Online MP Features: Identity, platform linking (eg: Steam), social features (friends, rich presence), Discord integration, invites, authoritative scripts, lobby, chat, matchmaking - More.

Online MP Specialization: AccelByte, BrainCloud, GameSparks, PlayFab, AXR, EOS, Steam, Discord, UNET and Photon since 2016.


Original founder and lead developer of "Throne of Lies: Medieval Politics" online PvP game on Steam, redefining the social deduction genre. Featured on PC Gamer with 450k activations. Semi-finalist Game of the Year 2018 for both IndiePrize and IndieDb. Successfully funded on Kickstarter. Founder of the official GBaaS Discord and GBaas Comparison Sheet since 2016.


Unity/C#, Unreal/C++, JS/TS, BAT/PS1, Discord [bots], Node, Discord.js, Git/Fork, JetBrains Rider/Webstorm, Ubuntu Server, WSL2, Discourse, Fiddler, Nginx, Mongo/NoSQL/Atlas, Fork,
NUnit, Steam, POSTman
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Soft Skills

Soft Skills

Automation-1st, AI-assisted, persistent documentation, agile, test-driven, team lead + collaborator, intermediate 中文, entrepreneurial skills (paralegal, business development, corporate entities, HR), mentor/trainer, partnership sourcing
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Personal Projects

Featured Project
Featured Project: Throne of Lies: Medieval Politics (online social deduction PvP Game)
Auth, identity, item store, microtx, AAA moderation system, Discord integration, lobby, matchmaking, friends list, rich presence, robust invite systems
Throne of Lies: Medieval Politics Project
critical thinking


Specific feature examples
• Streamlined handling of player reports with auto-prioritization and dispatch into a moderator interface.

• Comprehensive log reviewer featuring player history, escalation tools, and an intuitive graphical UI.

• Integrated Discord bot for real-time, in-game moderation through queries and commands.
Advanced Report & Review Moderation Tools
Unity/C#, JS/Cloud Scripts
• Developed a self-serve system for GDPR data requests and account anonymization (deletion).

• Enhanced security by implementing stringent checks for authentic requests and bot webhooks for suspicious activity.

• Addressed an exploit allowing account deletion to evade bans by implementing a 30-day grace period, during which users could cancel the request by logging back in.
Self-Serve GDPR Tools
Unity/C#, JS/Cloud Scripts
• Comprehensive social features integration with both GBaaS (GameSparks, BrainCloud) and Discord Rich Presence.

• Proactively addressed early access challenges with Discord's GameSDK through GitHub collaboration.

• Pioneered as the first Unity game to implement Discord Rich Presence features live.
Rich Presence / Identity
Enhanced Social Integration: Discord & GBaaS
Discord.js, Discord GameSDK (Unity/C#), JS/Cloud Scripts
• Implemented server-side storage for the shop catalog, eliminating the need for patches to update or modify the catalog.

• Employed MVC-style coding for listing and sorting a dynamic store, utilizing a template to instantiate components from unpredictable/dynamic data.

• Integrated Steam microtransactions, enabling users to refill their virtual gold wallet with real-life currency.
Flexible Item Shop & Inventory Management
Unity/C#, MCP, JS/Cloud Scripts
• Developed versatile game lobbies, featuring chat and RPC capabilities, for PlayFab, Photon, and BrainCloud GBaaS.

• Implemented features such as premade groups, Discord invites, and public invite codes, garnering popularity among Twitch streamers.

• Established as the first live Unity game to incorporate Discord's invite and spectate functionalities.
Innovative Matchmaking & Lobby Solutions
Unreal/C#, Unreal/C++, RPC
• Developed 100+ distinctive abilities and 50 classes for Throne of Lies, creating engaging interactions while maintaining a balanced 49-51% protagonist win rate.

• Achieved scalability and ease of modification for class roles or abilities, using ScriptableObjects to effortlessly swap features like changing a retro game cartridge.

• Enabled seamless synchronization of class roles or abilities across the game's ability UI, in-game wiki, and game localization strings with just two clicks.
Versatile Plug-and-Play Abilities System
Unity/C#, ScriptableObjects
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Backend Developer with focus on Online Services

From initial architecture to late-game additions: If you want to take your game online or are contemplating the pros and cons of the variety of GBaaS services, contact me today for consulting/dev services.

*Since I often hold 6+ month contract obligations, do not delay to let me know what you are crafting due to limited time windows.
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US/UK Citizen | B2B | Full-time | Consulting
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